Arch Chemicals

Arch, Inc.
Through its Water Products business, Arch is a world leader in water sanitization. Arch produces the most recognized brands of chlorinators on the market today designed specifically for industrial, municipal, commercial and food safety applications. Versatile and effective, Arch’s Constant Chlor® Plus Dry Calcium Hypochlorite Feeding System provides effective sanitizing and disinfecting solutions in a variety of sectors including water treatment facilities, pulp & paper, tanneries and more. They're convenient, easy to use and handle, with no requirement for expensive, complex metering equipment or large storage tanks.

Arch provides municipalities across the country with products that meet the toughest regulatory and standards including NSF/ANSI 61 for its feeding equipment and NSF 60 for Constant Chlor® Plus Briquettes, allowing the public to rest easy about the quality of their water supply. And, our Constant Chlor® Plus spray feed system is markedly different from erosion feeders currently on the market. The patented spray process dissolves material from the bottom of the briquette bed for consistent results.

NOV Monoflow

NOV Monoflow

Monoflo first began manufacturing progressing cavity pumps in 1935 and our heritage is built on this world-renowned design. We have continued to engineer industry-leading pump ranges for over 70 years, together with our other recognized brands for grinders, screens and packaged pumping systems. We have a proven history of providing quality products with an unrivalled service, and both Watertech and ourselves are passionate about providing the right solution for your business.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in Monoflo becoming the first progressing cavity pump manufacturer to be certified to ISO 9001 and once again the first to achieve the upgrade quality management system to ISO 9001:2000. Our most recent award is to the ISO 14001 certification.  


Gravity Flow Systems is the leader in gravity solids / liquid separation equipment. The Company's superior engineering, quality materials and workmanship, hundreds of installations and many years of experience make it the obvious choice over the others. Gravity Flow Systems' exceptional products include:

Stainless Steel Wedgewater™Filter Bed provides fast sludge dewatering in a limited space, resulting in dry sludge within days as compared to the weeks or months required with other methods

Polyurethane Wedgewater™ Filter Bed is a high-strength System that provides all of the process advantages of our stainless steel Wedgewater™ Filter beds in a very economical, corrosion-proof design. 

Lateral Flow™ Thickener is a cost-effective unit for separating unwanted liquids and thickening solids. The unit works on all types of biological solids and many water treatment plant and industrial chemical sludges. 

Wedgewater™ Intake Screen provides a simple solution for high-rate water withdrawl applications. It combines a smooth Wedgewater™ screen surface, uniform through-screen velocity design, high open area, and all welded stainless steel construction. 

Wedgewater™ Sieve is the reliable, economical way of wet screening and classifying. The unit is solid state, taking advantage of the force of gravity and basic principles of physics to operate.


Today, The Hammonds Companies, Inc. have combined all their resources to become the leading authority in the innovative product design and engineering of fluid handling technology -- notably, our innovative thinking behind the water industry's most reliable and efficient tablet water chlorination system on the market today.

The Houston-based company has long been known for its quality line of tablet water chlorination systems, additive injectors and hydrostatic test equipment.


Through Headworks, USA Watertech offers the latest in screening and solids handling technology. Headworks’ advance screening technology incorporates Mahr™ technology in a broad product offering designed for high flow capacity and redundancy. The Mahr™ Bar Screen removes obstructions easily through a patented auto-reverse feature and provides a fast cleaning cycle down to two seconds. It's low profile design requires less than 3 feet above discharge point and even with 1/4 openings, the Mahr™ Bar Screen has low headloss.  The screen's hydraulic capacity accommodates approximately two mgd/SF of screen area.  Because it is engineered with durable stainless steel components, the screen is corrosion resistant.  In addition to the Mahr™ Bar Screen, Headworks offers a variety of high quality, efficient screening technology to address the unique needs of each customer.  Screening systems can be customized to include such components as the Pulse Wash and Bagging Modules for greater efficiency in handling waste products.


Komline-Sanderson develops, designs, and manufactures innovative equipment and systems for industrial process/production applications, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants and flue gas treatment.

Our experience ranges from simple one-machine installations to complex multi-step processes and systems. Reliability, ease of operation, rugged design, proven performance, and superior customer service are hallmarks of Watertech / Komline-Sanderson installations.

KSB manufactures a broad range non-clog wet and dry pit submersible water and wastewater pumps and mixers.  KSB's line of Submersible non-clog pumps are available in stationery and portable designs.  Materials of construction include cast iron, duplex stainless steel and high chrome white iron.  Your choice of impellers include vortex, single vane, multi-vane and open single vane or grinder.  KSB's technology includes a line of axially split volute casing pumps, submersible propeller pumps, submersible mixed flow pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Monroe Environmental

Monroe Environmental

For over thirty years, major industrial manufacturers have come to rely on Monroe Environmental as their preferred source for providing solutions to their air, wastewater, and dust collection pollution problems. Founded in 1971, the company has produced thousands of pollution control devices for nearly every type of condition and requirement for our customers worldwide. They offer many types of air cleaning systems, dust collection system, and wastewater clarifiers for a wide variety of applications. Their systems are highly reliable as most pollution control systems are expected to run at maximum efficiency for extended periods of time with little or no maintenance.


Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company (Norweco) is a manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products, systems and chemicals. We specialize in small-flow treatment applications, ranging from municipal treatment systems for small towns and villages, all the way down to systems for the individual family home. Our products are designed to provide a high level of treatment in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Norweco and Watertech place special focus on customer service, product innovation, research and development, regulatory cooperation, industry education and employee fulfillment. We understand that each of these areas is critical to our continued success.

Power-Flo Pumps & Systems

Power-Flo Pumps & Systems


Pulsco provides engineered solutions for fluid pulsation, noise and surge. Pulsco is a pioneer of surge arrestor and pulsation dampener methods of pressure transient and pulsation control.

For over 80 years, Pulsco has been designing and manufacturing surge arresting and pulsation dampening products to customer specifications.

Universal Sanitary Equipment Manufacturing Company

Universal Sanitary Equipment Manufacturing Company

Universal Sanitary Equipment Manufacturing Company, is the industry leader for the custom engineering and manufacture of turnkey pump stations, control systems and access doors for Municipalities and Industry. Our proven designs are factory tested to meet your unique requirements for applications in Sewage and Wastewater, Clean Waterboosters and Valve & Meter Vaults. All stations are pre-assembled and tested requiring only electrical and piping connections. Their diverse fabricating capabilities also include the production of Underground and Above Ground Steel Fuel Storage Tanks, Bulkheads (Flow Gates), Dump Truck Boxes and major specialty subcontract fabricating.


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